Running For Their Lives

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April 2012



In 1928 two extraordinary Englishmen competed in an unprecedented and fearsome event - a transcontinental road race across America that required them to run an average of 40 miles for 80 consecutive days. They were to become the most famous long-distance runners in the world: yet history has forgotten them.

Peter Gavuzzi was a young working-class ship's steward, while Arthur Newton was a middle-aged intellectual who had taken up running to make a political point. Though separated by class, education and age, they became close friends and formed a successful business partnership as endurance athletes. They raced in 500-mile relays, in 24-hour events, in snowshoes and against horses; and they became the stars of a craze for endurance events that swept across depression-era North America. But as professional runners they were eschewed by the amateur running elite.

Set against a turbulent backdrop of 1920s South Africa, 1930s Canada, war-torn France and 1950s Britain, Running for Their Lives is a story peopled with remarkable characters, unimaginable feats and tragic twists of fate. More importantly it is a homage to two inspirational and eccentric men who only now receive the recognition they so richly deserve.


Mark Whitaker


"A poignant account of unrecognised achievement" -- Bryon Rogers Spectator "Well-researched and entertaining... Whitaker's real achievement is to resurrect for recognition the careers of two genuine British sporting heroes" Times Literary Supplement "Remarkable" New Statesman "A timely reminder of the best that the sport can achieve" The Sunday Times "Astonishing" Reader's Digest
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