The Girl In The Riv (Paige Turner Affair, #1)

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November 2014



This erotic mystery-spy thriller follows the last night of a Las Vegas convention of nuclear scientists when Steve Jones decides to go out with a bang.  He hires Glenda Goodbed to entertain him for his last night – literally.  While she is riding him like a cowgirl three men burst into the hotel room and murder the scientist.  And then she is kidnapped.

Homicide detective Bill Robertson suspects prostitute Paige Turner was a witness to the robbery and the murder of the nuclear scientist, but when she vanishes into thin air – nude – he is left with no clues to follow.  The investigation then points to a terror plot as the motive when a second woman appears as a possible accomplice, but then all of the clues evaporate.

Rival terrorists battle for possession of the scientist's secrets – and the sexy girls.  Who are the good guys?  And, just who is the Girl in the Riv?

Excerpt from the story:

"Detective Bill Robertson," I announced my name and show my badge and photo ID to the Las Vegas uniformed officer posted beside the open hotel doorway on the sixth floor of The Riv's main tower.

Two other uniformed officers stand staring down at the nude middle aged man lying face up on the bed.  He is wearing only a condom.  His second most obvious feature is the bullet hole in the center of his forehead.  A bloom of red blood stain on the pillow frames his face as his eyes remain open and glued to the ceiling.

"His clothes are on the floor but there's no wallet.  The room is rented to Steven Blackwell of Los Alamos, New Mexico.  There is also a pile of women's clothing here and purse over there."  He points to the nightstand.  "There's nothing else in the room.  No suitcase or briefcase – nothing," one of the two officers says.

Poking through the clothing on the floor at the foot of the bed I find a


Mark S. R. Sterling is a semi-retired industrial safety engineer who left full time employment during the recent surge in unemployment. {Yes, you may read between the lines.} Now, when not actually gainfully employed, he spends his time trading stock market index options, or traveling and visiting his children in the I-95 Corridor along the US Southeast coast. Mark's entertainment is the ocean. He enjoys the beach, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and the ever popular barstool warming in waterfront taverns. It is in this last activity where he enjoys his all time favorite pastime of simply meeting people. You see, while Mark's stories are fictional, the specific incidents and characters are built from somebody's real life. So the next time you are in a waterfront tavern and someone engages you in conversation open up and tell something interesting about your life. Then, you will be a character in Mark's next book.

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