From Both Hips (NHB Modern Plays)

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November 2014



A gripping drama about revenge and absolution, from the award-winning author of Howie the Rookie.

Paul has been accidentally shot in the hip by a policeman. Back from hospital, he is bitter and self-pitying. He is also two-timing his wife. Then the policeman appears with an apology, a gun and an extraordinary suggestion...


Mark O'Rowe is an Irish playwright whose plays include Howie the Rookie (Bush Theatre, London, 1999), From Both Hips (Fishamble, 1997), Made in China (Abbey Theatre, Dublin, 2001), Crestfall (Gate Theatre, Dublin, 2003), Terminus (Abbey Theatre, 2007) and Our Few and Evil Days (Abbey Theatre, 2014).
His screenplays include Broken (2012), based on the novel by Daniel Clay, Perrier's Bounty (2009), Boy A (2007), based on the novel by Jonathan Trigell, and Intermission (2004).

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