Lean Manufacturing Essentials: Hands-on help for small manufacturers and smart technical people (No Nonsence Manuals, #1)

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August 2014



This great guide has been developed specifically for small manufacturing businesses that need a simple, flexible way of implementing Lean Manufacturing ideas relevant to them. The subject is explained clearly and plainly with minimal jargon. Practical application is fundamental.

The focus is very much on straightforward implementation in the workplace, so you can quickly obtain benefits in costs, quality and productivity.

This has been written for engineers who simply want to get on. It provides a clear concise description of all the key proven tools and techniques (over 15 of them), together with the principles that underpin Lean Manufacturing.

Importantly, the guide comes into its own with the 'people' aspects of embedding and sustaining a lean culture for small manufacturing businesses.

Additionally, helpful guidance is provided for 'make v buy' decision making for small businesses looking to make the best use of resources, funds and capacity, as well as concentrate on what they do best. Also, see how automation and robotics can dramatically improve production processes for small manufacturers.

Key themes include: Why Lean Manufacturing is commercially essential; Powerful Lean Manufacturing techniques - simply explained and quickly applied; Lean leadership - getting the best out of your people for the long-term; Make or buy? Outsourcing considerations for small manufacturers; How automation can dramatically improve your production processes: Making it happen: Lean Manufacturing action plan.

Lean Manufacturing Essentials works because it distils what the best performers do and sets out a hands-on, practical way to apply these great ideas in the workplace. Now you and your small manufacturing business have the opportunity to significantly benefit, by conveniently applying these powerful techniques on your terms.


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