Essential Leadership and Management Skills for Engineers (No Nonsence Manuals, #4)

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August 2014



The best engineers are often highly effective managers and leaders. If you are ambitious and aim to advance your career, obtaining these skills is crucial.

Perhaps you've been promoted to a management position because of your performance as a technical expert. If so, what you now need are the new, complementary skills to survive and thrive in this brave new world.

Likewise, for small manufacturing businesses, strong inspirational leadership and effective management is the surest way to get the very best out of your people, your assets and your limited resources. This guide provides crystal clear advice in the following areas:

Leadership: This section gives you the information, tools and examples to not only develop your leadership potential, but also to inspire others and use leadership qualities to advance in your chosen field.

People Management: Working collaboratively with other engineers is critical to high performing manufacturing teams. For engineers who find themselves leading teams or promoted to head-up technical units, possessing the right people skills is frankly vital.

Networking: Quite simply, the quickest way to get on in your career. It involves connecting with people, sharing ideas and seizing opportunities. Also tapping into others' knowledge and experience is an invaluable way of solving technical problems.

Public Speaking: A great skill engineers are rarely trained in. Learn how to be a self-assured, fluent public speaker and banish anxiety. Confidently address other employees in the workplace, represent the business externally or deliver a public presentation in or out of work.

Project Management: Engineers commonly undertake work as part of engineering teams. Obtain the benefits offered by a structured, organised way of working. Understand and apply the key stages of formal project management, but better tailored to small businesses. Gain the key skills employers va

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