CAD Engineering Essentials: Hands-on Help for Small Manufacturers and Smart Technical People (No Nonsence Manuals, #3)

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August 2014



Unleash the power of Computer Aided Design to deliver step-change improvements to all teams in your technical business - not just design. The focus is very much on results - bringing full 3D CAD engineering benefits enjoyed by larger firms, to small manufacturing businesses.

Do you want to get the most out of your existing CAD package by doing what the best performing manufacturers and engineers do? Maybe you have wanted to get into this for a while and are considering implementing 3D CAD, perhaps making the leap from 2D? Alternatively, do you want to fully exploit 3D data in others areas like CAM, tooling and inspection, or perhaps 3D Printing?

The time has never been better for small manufacturers to modernize, professionalize and reap big benefits for their production activities.

CAD Engineering has the power to help you deliver superior quality, better functioning products to market, faster. For the individual engineer, they are quite simply some of the most sought after skills in industry. 3D CAD expertise does wonders for your employability.

This book provides crystal clear advice to demonstrate how 3D CAD can benefit every business function, not just design. Put simply, if you are serious about remaining competitive, then fully exploiting 3D CAD is a must.

For supply chain manufacturers who principally are production-based, benefits are numerous. They include improved working with supplier and client data, assembly, fitting and production instructions and procedures. Additional 3D CAD data can be used to drive better inspection, quality control, as well as manuals for service and maintenance and so much more.

Wherever you are on your CAD Engineering journey you'll find great advice, tips and guidance.

Contents include: Why CAD Engineering is commercially essential; Big benefits throughout the business including production and beyond; How to make the case for CAD invest

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