Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia

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Januar 2015



Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia by Marija Bulatovic is an extraordinary
tale of life lived in full, vivid, vibrant color set in the 1980s Yugoslavia captures the
spirit of the Slavic soul-passion and melancholy with a twinkle in the eye. It's a mesmerizing
memoir that takes readers on a wild and unforgettable tour of a country that
has vanished from the map, but lives on in this lively collection.
With a pitch perfect voice, and a keen eye for capturing the absurd, the outrageous,
the hilarious, the touching, and the sublime, Bulatovic weaves a rich tapestry.
Bears, gypsies, quirky family members, foiled plans, unusual and unorthodox
neighbors, Fantastical has it all. Lovingly told with an unmistakable fondness and
deep affection, Fantastical is resplendent with humor, magic, and whimsy.
Fantastical charms with its wit, keen insights, and larger-than-life stories. Part
memoir, part love letter to a place and a people that lives on in memory, Fantastical
is irresistible.
An exquisite assortment of stories-each more delicious than the last-
Fantastical is a tale to be savored.

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