The Writers' Conference

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März 2014



The Writers' Conference takes you into a world most people never see…

Laura Belmont has finished writing her first novel and she hopes it will change her life. She quits her job, ends the affair she's having with her married boss, and heads off to one of the oldest writers' conferences in the country. Her plan is to make a connection with one of the famous staff authors or a well-known literary agent who will help her get published.

The conference is in a picturesque setting, but the atmosphere is anything but tranquil. From the moment she arrives she feels the intensity of two hundred people who have come for the same reason she is there. The male writers on the staff are more interested in her body than in her manuscript. She attends creative writing workshops unaware of the literary politics being played in the shadows by the famous authors teaching her—the favors made, the courtesies given, the grudges held. Even an author's wife becomes fair game.

Anxiety builds with each day as Laura's dream of finding a literary agent and getting published fades, leading her to think that she's made the wrong choice in wanting to be an author. Then something extraordinary happens that makes her change her mind.

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Erscheinungsdatum: März 2014
Format: epub eBook
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