The Footprints Book Of Daily Inspirations

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September 2010



Margaret Fishback Powers wrote the famous poem "Footprints” in 1964 at a time when she was a young woman searching for direction in her life. Since then, "Footprints” has provided inspiration for millions of people around the world.

Now, The Footprints Book of Daily Inspirations brings together thoughts that will inspire you through every day of the year, with an extra bit of inspiration for the year to come. Margaret has collected 366 quotes, meditations and sayings that she has written herself or that have special meaning to her, and she has compiled them here for readers. Uplifting and certain to inspire a quiet moment of self-reflection—and perhaps even a smile or two—this wonderful treasury is a beautiful gift from a woman whose life and work have touched lives across Canada and around the world.

February 18

Loving others is so important to fulfilling our potential as human beings.... But loving is hard and scary. It is risky, because our love can go unacknowledged, unrewarded and even rejected. But to become the fullest manifestations of ourselves, we must love others despite the risks.

August 22

When you find yourself in a position of need, choose to allow others to experience the blessing that comes from giving, and let yourself be the tool through which that blessing comes.

—From The Footprints Book of Daily Inspirations


Margaret F. Powers is the creator of the world-famous "Footprints" poem, an inspirational message inscribed on cards, calendars, and posters that is treasured by millions of people. As itinerant evangelists, she and her husband Paul travel throughout the world. They live in British Columbia.
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