Enhancing Autonomy in Language Education

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April 2015



The book explores the idea that pedagogy for autonomy requires the integration of teacher and learner development and can be enhanced through a case-based approach in teacher education.

A case-based approach values experiential professional learning and expands professional competences necessary to promote autonomy in schools: developing a critical view of (language) education; managing local constraints so as to open up spaces for manoeuvre; centring teaching on learning; interacting with others in the professional community.

Two strategies to implement the approach are presented and illustrated. The first one involves teachers in designing, implementing and evaluating experiences of pedagogy for autonomy, which are the basis for writing professional narratives and building a case portfolio. The second draws on teachers' pedagogical experience as the basis for the construction of case materials where experiential elements are combined with theoretical input and reflective tasks, so that the teachers who use those materials can reflect about and explore their own practice.


Manuel Jiménez Raya, University of Granada, Granada, Spain; Flávia Vieira, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.
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