Sukhmani Sahib - English Translation

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Oktober 2014



Sukhmani Sahib, is known in English as "The Jewel of Peace" and some call it "The Psalm of Peace".
This prayer was compiled by the Fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji.This prayer eradicates worries, fear, anxiety and all negativity while bringing peace and joy to the one who reads, understands and practices it.It is divided into 24 Hymns with 8 Stanzas each, with each Hymn describing the ways to attain God and peace.
Besides enjoying this composition, it is also a perfect gift to give anyone you know, for what greater gift than the gift of peace?
There is no greater worship than remembering God, and this humble translation attempts to provide the reader with a better understanding of life and attaining God.God is Perfect and no words could ever describe Him completely. This humble translation attempts to invoke the reader to understand the importance of repeating God's Name as well as other attributes.
If even one line of this glorious composition, can, by God's mercy, change the life of the reader or the people around them, I would consider this tough endeavor a fruitful deed.
May these hymns bring peace and prosperity in your life, by the Almighty's Grace.
May you always be Happy.

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