The Missing Hamster and Other Cases (A 3 Mystery Collection Boxed Set)

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Oktober 2015



Own all three--Cream Cape and the Case of the Missing Hamster, The Case of the Flying Saucer, and The Case of the Blue-Hair Heist.

Case 1: Harriet the class hamster has been hamster-napped! Cece's supposed to be taking care of the precious pet but everything goes wrong. She loses Harriet. And then she receives a ransom note with a picture of Harriet in front of a snake's cage! Will the class hate her when they find out? Can she save Harriet in time?

Case 2: Cece's sister has gone crazy. She believes aliens have landed in their backyard. And what's going on with that stray dog? The girls are on a new case investigating strange lights and sounds coming from the field behind their house. 

Dee Dee disappears for long periods of time, and Cece wants to know what's going on. Are those really alien lights? Can Cece solve the mystery before her sister goes bonkers? 

Case 3: Memories aren't the only thing missing in this quiet little community of blue-haired grandparents. When Cece and her sister, Dee Dee visit Gram and Gramps for Christmas, jewelry begins to disappear. 

The amateur sleuths investigate the crazy cast of suspects including blue-hair busybodies, furry pets and annoying boys. Is the jewelry truly stolen or have the blue-hairs misplaced the jewelry like they've misplaced most of their memories? 

Kids and parents alike will enjoy these clean-read mystery and all the furry friends found in each of the books.

Ages 7+ 

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Verlag: Mandy Broughton
Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2015
Format: epub eBook
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