Beginning Python

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Oktober 2008



Propelled by growing interest in open source scripting languages, harried adoption of Web frameworks such as Django (, and continued work on third-party language implementations such as IronPython (, the Python programming language is experiencing surging community enthusiasm and adoption. With both Microsoft and Google heavily investing in Python-related products and services, the potential audience can only grow for the foreseeable future.Beginning Python, Second Edition is the long-awaited revision to the popular first edition, having been updated to reflect new features introduced with Python 3.0. Additional changes are being made to reflect modern development paradigms, such as the exploding popularity of using Web frameworks such as Django in lieu of more archaic approaches.See the following resources for more information on the Python language:Python website:


Instant Hacking: The Basics.- Lists and Tuples.- Working with Strings.- Dictionaries: When Indices Won't Do.- Conditionals, Loops, and Some Other Statements.- Abstraction.- More Abstraction.-Exceptions.- Magic Methods, Properties, and Iterators.- Batteries Included.- Files and Stuff.-Graphical User Interfaces.- Database Support.- Network Programming.- Python and the Web.- Testing, 1-2-3.- Extending Python.- Packaging Your Programs.- Playful Programming.- Project
1: Instant Markup.-Project
2: Painting a Pretty Picture.- Project
3: XML for All Occasions.- Project
4: In the News.- Project
5: A Virtual Tea Party.- Project
6: Remote Editing with CGI.- Project
7: Your Own Bulletin Board.-Project
8: File Sharing with XML-RPC.- Project
9: File Sharing II-Now with GUI!.-Project
10: Do-It-Yourself Arcade Game.- The Short Version.- Python Reference.- Online Resources.



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