Half-Blood Princess: Abel's Slayers & The Guardians

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Juli 2013



This 756 page Omnibus contains the final four books in this Half-Blood Princess series.

Echo's of Silence:
While fighting nightmares of the one she once loved, Sarah has been tucked away safely for months after leaving Cain's island and is adjusting to life in a small village thousands of miles from her friends and family. With Justin to protect her Sarah is thrilled to be falling back into the normal life she had once worked so hard for, starting college and following her own path. During a class on myth and folklore Sarah is lured to a fourteenth century Castle by the stories of its haunting mistress. Sarah soon finds out that stories of myth and legend are often held in some form of truth.

A Witch's Mark:
Ash has never spent much time alone, he never wanted to know himself that well. Ash is left longing for the captivating witch he once held as his closest friend. Months after Zillah's defeat, Bryn has gone her own way attempting to find herself again without the over whelming influence of the vampires and a world she does not belong to. But as the supernatural world strikes back and comes for her she's left with little choice other than to turn to the one vampire who poses the biggest threat to her sensibility and sends her on a path of self discovery and physical desire

Bound By Destiny:
You can't run from destiny, but you may just find being bound by it is all you ever needed . . .
After 2 years in Europe working as Cain's Judge, Jury and Executioner Tavian is forced to face his destiny as Sophia's prophecy starts falling upon him. Tavian is forced to face the ones he loves as his future becomes known, while being called to guardian duty again as Ashlyn, freshly graduated from high school finds herself old enough to venture on her own, but sheltered to much from the truths of the world. When her best friend goes missing on a trip to New York, Ashlyn calls upon her guardian to

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