Mary Contrary (The Nursery Rhyme Chronicles, #1)

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Oktober 2015



Olive Childress is a little girl just like most any other, in the early eighties, until a sinister encounter with a teenaged son of a babysitter changes the course of the rest of her life. Confused and afraid, Olive tells no one of the vein of terror that has darkened her world and stolen away her childhood. Some form of sanctuary comes in the form of another little girl named Mary, when Olive discovers her daycare friend is also a victim. 

One day Olive's abuser is uprooted from her life when he enlists in the military, much to her relief. On the peak of her happiness however, Mary is gone as well when she abruptly stops returning to the babysitter. 

Olive's parents eventually move her to the small, picturesque town of Shadow Dale where the past fades away to memories that only appear in occasional nightmares. When she hits teenaged years, a rebellious streak presents in Olive that only baffles and upsets her parents and another tumultuous time in her life ensues. By chance alone, Olive and Mary are reunited and once again, she finds comfort in her childhood friend. From then on, the two friends are inseparable, vowing to never lose touch again. Mary provides the one constant in Olive's life as her best friend. 

Which might be wonderful, if Mary wasn't a viscous, vengeful, psychopath. 

Dive into the dark world of the Nursery Rhyme Chronicles, a three part psychological thriller and dark romance series. Follow Olive on her journey of nightmares, redemption, love, and discovery. One reviewer said, "This will haunt you forever."

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