The 21st Century Spiritual Shift

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Februar 2015



The 21st Century Spiritual Shift
All of us may work for peace. We may work exactly where we are, right inside ourselves, as the more peace we have inside our own lives, the more we may reverberate it into the outer state of affairs.

As a matter of fact, the wish to exist will push us into some sort of restless world peace which will then have to be supported by a big inner awakening if it's to hold up. We came in to a new age when we came across nuclear energy, and that this fresh age demands a fresh renaissance to lift us to a greater level of understanding so that we'll be able to contend with the troubles of this new age. So, principal peace is inside ourselves is a step towards peace in our cosmos.
Find Your Inner Being--Become One With The Universe....Your Way To Success Is In Front Of You!

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