Darkness of Arkea

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Februar 2015



*This book is #2 in a series. Although it can be read alone it is highly encouraged that you read Secrets of Arkea first. This book contains adult only content, not ment for readers under 18.*

Ali the wolf shifter has a responsibility to her family and those under her care in the Arkea.When an unknown group of people start to threaton the lives of those she fights to protect, she will stop at nothing to find them and bring them to justice. But who will save her when she becomes the one in danger with no way to help herself. A mysterious man that she has never met connects to her in a strange unspoken way and saves her from going crazy while being held captive by the enemy.

When Ali escapes her captives her only goal is to find all the people involved and destroy them; until Natas the mysterious stranger comes into her life for real and shows her a life she never thought she could have or even knew she wanted.

What will it take from her to give up a life she was born to do for one her heart wants more than anything in the world? Will love win out over duty or will something completely different break her down? Fate has a cruel way of working out on its own...

"I can't give you what you want." I fight back the sob trying to work its way out.

"And what is it you think you can't giveme?What do you think i want?"

Stunned by his question I look him in the eyes, anger and fear circle in his deep brown eyes.

"A normal life away from the Arkea. A life with kids and a wife that isn't responsible for the rest of the Arkea's saftey, someone who isn't me."

"You! Just the way you are is what I want! No one else, nothing but you."


"No Angel, no buts. If you think i will let you walk away from me because you're afraid of what I want, you are wrong.....


M.D.Woodson lives in Utah with her family. She is a stay at home wife and mother to two boys; she is an avid reader of many generes.
During the summer she likes to spend her time on the lake with her family and friends, enjoying the lazy days reading and writing while lying in the sun

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Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2015
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