FIVE Shades: 5 Book Erotic Mega Bundle (Explicit XXX-Rated Erotica)

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Oktober 2014



From Lynda McMasters, hot bundle of filthy fun! This amazing mega bundle contains FIVE sordid tales of lust and sexual abandon.These adventures contain explicit scenes. They are ONLY for broadminded adults and adventurous MILFs just like you! Peek inside for a flavour of the action!Containing:* The MILF and the PTWhat woman hasn't fantasized about her personal trainer? That tones ass, those bulging biceps, his hard, strong thrusts? Well fantasies are for losers baby, this MILF does it for real* Wet at the CarwashA sexy tale of an ordinary working day, until she takes 3 guy at once. If only every working day could be like this!* Hell's Riders Motorcycle GangWorking in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, our girl finds lust and love under the stars with an oily anti-hero who rides into her life on his Harley and his gang* Gloryhole!Turning men on over the internet is one thing, now this new man wants to take things further. Much further..* In-Car EntertainmentGetting with total strangers in the car. Our heroine knows no shame nor any sense of stranger danger.

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Verlag: Lynda McMasters
Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2014
Format: epub eBook
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