Filthy Fridays: Ten Book Erotic Collection

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Juni 2014



From the filthy, experienced mind of Lynda McMasters, TEN explicit stories of dangerous, rough and stranger sex.

*Dirty Bikers M.C. (Biker Leather Gangbang Erotica)
Abandoned and alone on a desert road, the biker gang could save me. I would do anything they wanted in return..

*I want it rough!
I love rough sex. The rougher the better. This plumber in my house, he doesn't stand a chance. He is going to fuck me. Hard….

*In-Flight Threesome
"I just can't seem to stop thinking about sex. Even on the plane, I am sure that air hostess is giving me the eye. And that captain. So sexy. So horny..

*(the day I joined) Outlaws M.C.
Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, I found love and lust with a criminal biker gang.

"He entered my pussy without any hesitation. He thrust deep inside of me, searching out and finding that g spot of mine with the tip of his cock. He could see how warmed up I was, how I wanted to be taken, not teased. His long, firm strokes from his cock started immediately. I felt his balls slap against me as he got faster and faster. As he stroked my clit hardened so that it rubbed against his shaft. He enveloped my in his strong arms. I felt the muscles on his back as I grabbed him tightly, as if I would never see him again. His firm butt drove it into me, filling me with cock until I felt that I would explode.
'Lie back' I told him. 'you have done enough work'

* Wet at the Carwash
A sexy tale of an ordinary working day, until this bitch takes 3 guys, one in each hole. If only every working day could be like this!

* Hell's Riders Motorcycle Gang
Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, our girl finds lust and love under the stars with an oily anti-hero who r

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