Fantasy Cock Tales: 6 Book Mega Bundle (Explicit Urban Erotica)

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Mai 2014



From the dirty mind of Lynda McMasters, this  sexy bundle of 6 erotic and explicit tales will take you right into the action, putting you into the mind of a Rich Bitch Gone BAD, as she fucks her way through her amazing life.

"I love feeling cock deep inside me. In every hole. It's so much better when there is an element of danger. A biker gang maybe, or fucking a total stranger.
I use my sexy body for adventure and money, and I don't care who knows.." 


*** Wet at the Carwash***
A sexy tale of an ordinary working day, until this bitch takes 3 guys, one in each hole. If only every working day could be like this!


*** Hell's Riders Motorcycle Gang***
Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, our girl finds lust and love under the stars with an oily anti-hero who rides into her life on his Harley and his gang


*** Gloryhole!***
Turning men on over the internet is one thing, now this new man wants to take things further. Much further..

***In-Car Entertainment***
Fucking total strangers in the car. Our Bitch knows no shame nor any sense of stranger danger. A cum filled climax awaits and fulfils your stranger fucking fantasy


*** Dance for Me, Bitch***
A sexy, fuck filled story of private dancing and what happens when they go all the way. Well, the money is too good not to fuck these guys…

"He took my head in his hands and held me away from his cock, looking at me eye to eye.
"What next?" he said breathlessly. "What will you do next?"
I stood, silently. Turning away from him I lifted my bra over my head, my nipples already hard and begging to be played with. Bending over I pulled my panties over

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Verlag: Lynda McMasters
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2014
Format: epub eBook
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