Jersey Housewife, Warrior Queen -- Book 1: Slave to the Barbarian (reluctant time travel fantasy)

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August 2015



Through a quirk of fate, and with the help of an ancient mirror, a modern-day New Jersey housewife finds herself switching places with a peasant girl from 1200 years ago. After she deflowers the girl's innocent suitor, she and her best friend are captured by barbarians. Our intrepid housewife-turned-slave finds herself on the edge of life-long sexual servitude for the angry horde, but volunteers to be the personal concubine of the barbarian King himself!

WARNING: sexually explicit


So Guntar waved to me, and I waved back. I never met this boy before, but I knew everything about him. He was a year older than me. He had been courting me for a while. He really, really wanted to have sex with me, but we hadn't. "Why the fuck not?" I thought. He's a good-looking kid, this Guntar. Oh, Shayna! Shit was about to change.

He starts talking to me when he gets close to me. Idle chit-chat. But you know what? I don't feel like talking. I want to fuck! So I pulled him into the woods and I shoved him up against a tree. He surprised, because Shayna– well, Shayna wasn't quite that kind of girl. And I guess I'm not, anymore. But when I was nineteen…?

When in Rome…

And Shayna? Well, in her mind she may not have wanted it, but her pussy sure did. I was wet as the bottom of the ocean down there. So when I shoved Guntar up against the tree, I pressed my lips to his and grabbed his cock at the same time. He was shocked as shit, I tell you! It was the briefest of seconds before he parted his lips, and shoved his tongue back into my mouth. We played a little tonsil hockey, as I felt his shaft grow in my hand. He had a nice hunk of meat, I tell you.

He started tugging at my…

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