Green Eyed Temptation (Halos & Horns (Spin-off of La Fleur de Love series), #1)

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August 2012



How does one Creole beauty choose between the two men who've both captured her heart?

Meet Angelique Baptiste—happy with her career, her friends, and her man—sans the sex life, thanks to her shrink. After relying far too much on sex appeal to choose her partners, she accepts her therapist's opinion that it's done nothing but hinder her ability to make wise choices.  As a result, she's spent the last six months as chaste as a nun in a monastery—much to the chagrin of one particular "friend with potential" to be more.

Michael Harper is a man of integrity, as well as a detective for the Lafayette Police Department. He doesn't hide the fact that he's crazy about Angelique, and he's willing to wait for her to serve out her sentence of self-imposed celibacy. As trying as it is to be around her, he knows the reward for his perseverance will be a lifetime with the woman he loves. Or will it?

Liam Nash, ex-Navy Seal turned body guard, has the unfortunate reputation of being the last man to break Angelique's heart. More than a year earlier they'd been a couple, but rather than commit to a lifetime with her, he'd high-tailed it back to Texas. Within minutes of swaggering back into her life, he proves his reason for leaving was justified. He's defeated the demons from his past and is all-too-willing to work at a happily ever after with her.

Torn between two men she loves equally, Angelique agonizes over the choice she knows she must make. Just when she decides she can't break one heart over another, fate steps in to decide for her.
Note from the author:
The Halos and Horns series is filled with new characters you'll love, along with frequent appearances of old favorites from my La Fleur de Love series. Enjoy!


Lori Leger is a wife, mother, doting grandmother, and Mistress of Procrastination. She lives in Louisiana with the love of her life, her very own Studley-do-Right. He's earned his spot in the Keeper Husband's Hall of Fame by allowing her to walk away from an eighteen year career as an Engineering Technician in Road Design to stay home and write.

She adores writing stories set in her beloved south Louisiana, where good Cajun cooking, helping your neighbors, and saying y'all is as normal as hurricanes, heat, and humidity. She figures as long as she's not tunneling through ten feet of snow to get to her car, it's a perfectly acceptable trade-off.

Lori has nine novels published in two series: La Fleur de Love and its spin-off, Halos & Horns series. She also has five short stories published in the multi-authored Seasons of Love seasonal anthology series. Four of the stories are combined in her novel, Full Circle Love.

She's contributed to the Sweet & Savory Cookbook of Amazon Authors, published by Top Ten Press. Lori also has an article published in the non-fiction book Writing After Retirement: Tips From Retired Writers, published by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, and edited and compiled by Carol Smallwood and Christine Redman-Waldeyer.


Running Out of Rain is Book 1 of Prime of Love Series, novels dedicated to mature characters finding love and laughter through the everyday twists and turns of growing older. She has a second planned for a fall 2015 release date, and a third set for the summer of 2016.




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