The Future of Our Schools

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November 2012



In The Future of Our Schools, Lois Weiner explains why teachers who care passionately about teaching and social justice need to unite the energy for teaching to efforts to self-govern and transform teacher unions. Drawing on research and her experience as a public school teacher and union activist, she explains how to create the teachers unions public education desperately needs.

Lois Weiner is a professor at New Jersey City University and has been a life-long teacher union activist who has served as an officer of three different union locals. She is the author of The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and their Unions: Stories for Resistanc e .


Lois Weiner has been life-long teacher union activist, who has served as an officer of three different union locals. She also served as President of the AERA Special Interest Group on teachers' work and teachers unions. She is the author of Preparing Teachers for Urban School which was honored by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for its contribution to research on teacher education.

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