Writing about Quantitative Research in Applied Linguistics

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September 2014



With increasing pressure on academics and graduate students to publish in peer reviewed journals, this book offers a much-needed guide to writing about and publishing quantitative research in applied linguistics. With annotated examples and useful resources, this book will be indispensable to graduate students and seasoned researchers alike.


1. Introduction PART I: GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS IN WRITING ABOUT QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH 2. Writing about Research Design 3. Reliability, Validity and Ethics 4. Writing about Participants 5. Presenting Descriptive Statistics PART II: WRITING ABOUT SPECIFIC STATISTICAL PROCEDURES 6. Writing about T-tests 7. Writing about ANOVA, ANCOVA and MANOVA 8. Writing about Regression 9. Writing about Correlation 10. Writing about factor analysis 11. Writing about Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) 12. Writing about Non-parametric Tests PART III: PUBLISHING QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS 13. Publishing Research: Journal Articles 14. Publishing Research: Book Chapters and Books 15. Academic Style Useful resources for conducting and writing about quantitative research in applied linguistics Statistical tests and uses


Lindy Woodrow is a Senior Lecturer (Honorary) at the University of Sydney, Australia. She has published in the areas of academic writing, academic adaptation and second language motivation. She has taught on thesis and dissertation writing courses and is a regular reviewer and statistics advisor for high ranking journals in applied linguistics.
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