Grow It, Cook It!

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November 2012



Many crops, including herbs, can be produced in a relatively small space with a little pre-planning and organizing: in containers, on a balcony, and indoors. Herbs are perfect for enhancing the flavour of cooking, treating minor ailments, and preventing colds and flu. Your own back garden will not only produce the best food on the planet for you and your loved ones, it is also economical, environmentally friendly and more fun than shopping. Gardening is more than a hobby; it's a way of life. This book provides all the information you need to keep your family and friends healthy, fit and enjoying life to the full.


Introduction; 1. The salad bowl; 2. Down to roots; 3. Everyday veg; 4. Herb corner; 5. Fruity treats; 6. Delicious blooms; 7. Eggstra special; 8. Around the house; 9. The store cupboard, 10. Gardening tips and tricks; Resources and further reading; Index.


Linda Gray


'The book covers the commoner veg, fruit and herbs very well. Not only how to grow them but also how to use them in the kitchen. All in all, this is an excellent book for the novice gardener who wants to start growing their own groceries.' 'I love this book. It includes everything and is very easy to read. I would recommend it to anybody that was thinking of growing anything.' 'Great! I now know why my cucumbers didn't survive and how to keep ths slugs off my lettuces. Great book - I will be referring to this alot!' readers. 'In a lively style Linda provides all you need to know for growing herbs and vegetables.' Good Life Book Club. 'A real cut-and-come again book which is both informative and entertaining, with comprehensive sections on everything from herbs to home freezing.' Scotlands New Homebuyer Magazine. 'If you would like to start growing your own veg, or already do and need a bit more help this book is a must!.' Families Surrey West.
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