Taken in Public (Public Sex Erotica)

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Dezember 2014



An ordinary day at the coffeehouse quickly turns into an erotic adventure, as a muscled behemoth of a man catches the eye of a hot young barista. Follow along in this scorching tale as the sexual tension slowly builds with each glance and exchange, until neither participant can take it any more…
EXPLICIT: This hot fantasy contains oral sex, fingering, hot sex in a public bathroom, strangers having rough sex, thick cocks, wet pussies, and a sexy barista serving coffee without panties or a bra…

EAN: 9781502264985
Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: My Naughty Box
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
Format: epub eBook
Kopierschutz: Keiner
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