Return to the Badlands

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Mai 2012



A bottle of blood is found buried in a wombat hole, but where is the body? Is a suburban couple paying the babysitter with freshly stolen money? Can a lucky leech outsmart a brazen burglar?Match wits with real life investigators to answer these questions, and also discover how nine of Western Australia's most wanted criminals escaped from Perth's Supreme Court in broad daylight; why an Adelaide wife sent her husband's privates to a fiery end; and how a Melbourne woman convinced high-level professionals to raise her stolen family at a cult in Eildon-undetected-for over twenty years.Cunning crims, cruel cults and common crackpots abound in these 12 fascinating true tales from the badlands of contemporary Australia. Journalist Liam Houlihan goes behind the headlines to prove truth is not only stranger than fiction but also more colourful, more baffling and more twisted.


Liam Houlihan is an award-winning journalist and former lawyer. He has reported from New York, Washington DC, from Sri Lanka after the tsunami, and Singapore for underworld figure Mick Gatto's pursuit of missing Opes Prime money. He was the Sunday Herald Sun's crime reporter for five years from 2007 until 2011 during the rise and fall of police chiefs Christine Nixon and Simon Overland. He is currently a News Editor at the Herald Sun.

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Untertitel: Twelve Enthralling True Cases Of Crooks, Cults And Crackpots. Sprache: Englisch.
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