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November 2014



We are living in extraordinary times! A dramatic new spiritual story is emerging! The present Indo-European Cycle of evolution is coming to a close and humankind is on the threshold of a New Cycle of existence in a New Reality. The new story comes with a new spiritual paradigm and a new type of society, which could make possible the transformation of the world in accordance with the Divine Plan. The new spiritual paradigm and the new type of society are presented in Part One of the eBook. The essence of the New Cycle of Existence which will unfold in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth is presented in Part Two, Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. These three fundaments are at the core of the book - The Path of Truth Society. The ideas, archetypal structures and visions in both parts have been developed in much greater detail in my spiritual work for more than thirty years. Rich material about them could be found in the listed books, eBooks and the documentary film Revelation.I sincerely hope that the reader of this book will gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual essence of our times and will join The Path of Truth Society.


Leon Moscona, philosopher, mystic and spiritual teacher, was born on August 15, 1941, in Bulgaria and now lives in Ireland. He has received initiation into the essence of the coming New Cycle of Existence and has worked for the transformation of humankind for more than forty years. He has given more than four hundred lectures, published the books The Second Coming, The Testament of Truth - Manifesto, The Path of Truth Society, The Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth (Bulgarian), On the Path of Enlightenment - Autobiographical Notes and produced the documentary film Revelation (YouTube Channel TheRevelation215). For more than twelve years he has led the International Summer Assembly on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria. He is the founder of The Path of Truth Society, an international spiritual group based in Bulgaria (
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