Moon Shades (The Greatest Sin, #3)

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Mai 2015



An avalanche begins with a careless word.

Chavali's notorious temper continues its downward spiral as the long winter keeps her trapped underground among the Fallen. One little rumor flung thoughtlessly in her face sets off a cascade of events that pulls her into a clash far bigger than the usual petty squabbles.

Unexpected snarls in a tedious assignment turn the tiny village of Eagle Falls into a monstrous pain in the ass. A frozen body dangles from a tree. Restless spirits gnaw at Chavali's mind. As the lies pile up in drifts, she finds herself hunting for truth on behalf of allies she never asked for.

The Seer takes care of her clan.
These days, "clan" has an ever-expanding definition.

EAN: 9780986227714
Untertitel: ebook Ausgabe. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Tangled Sky Press
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2015
Format: epub eBook
Kopierschutz: Keiner
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