Gay First Times Collection

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Juni 2014



There's a first time for everything! And in Layla Hart's newest bundle, meet three straight, young men who find themselves in some prickly situations, and the only way out is gay sex!
Bundle includes:
The Interview: Jace can't believe his luck when Chris refers him to interview for a position at... some company downtown. He arrives at a nondescript office building and an elevator takes him up to the top floor, where Jace's interviewer insists on being called "Sir" and makes a series of interesting propositions, the first of which involves a bit of rope. Something's definitely not right, but Jace is about to discover how far he'll go to finally be able to pay his rent.
Paying His Debt: Matt is just hanging around for moral support when his buddy Josh gets invited to an exclusive, high-rollers' poker match. Unfortunately for him, Josh loses big time, and the only payment his debtors are willing to accept is a night with Matt. Matt refuses, of course, until he finds that it's not exactly easy to say no to four billionaires with an appetite for young, athletic men.
Gay Ghost Hunting: As a member of a ghost hunting club, Sam must participate in an overnight stake-out at an abandoned hospital. Unfortunately, the ghost that haunts the facility is also the star of Sam's recurring erotic dreams. The meaning of those dreams become clear to Sam when he realizes that there is just one sexy thing holding the spirit back, and he's the only person who can help.
Warning: All stories in this 15,000 word collection contain mature themes, including first times, feminization, explicit sexuality, language, and more! For readers 18 years of age and older, only!

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