Hope and Other Urban Tales

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Oktober 2009



Urban tales of despair and dysfunction are Laura Hird's trademark and she does not disappoint in Hope and Other Urban Tales. Set in the low-rent areas of Edinburgh, Hird's slices of reality are gritty, bleak and often darkly funny. Yet the possibility of hope, always just out of reach, unifies this collection, conveying that just as circumstances can reveal the morally obscure darkness in 'good' people, so can seemingly irredeemable characters harbour well-hidden pockets of humanity.


Laura Hird's debut novel, Born Free, was shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award and nominated for the Orange Prize. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies. Her latest collection of stories, Hope and Other Urban Tales, was published by Canongate in October 2006. Her latest book is Dear Laura, published in March 2007. She lives in Edinburgh.


* Bloody, believable and intoxicating. Herald * Hird controls her material brilliantly. If you like your fiction with razor blades secreted in the soup, then get this, pronto. The Scotsman
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