Lakeshore Detectives

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Januar 2015



Ride along in time over thirty years with the author as he recalls his adventures as a police officer in a large North American city. You will encounter many funny, strange and quirky individuals. And those are just the cops! The criminals are an entirely different breed and the stories will entertain you, shock you, and amuse you!
This book was an emotional project and a labour of love written out of respect for the people in the city that I served and protected, and the cops I protected it with. The "Big City" shall remain anonymous. That way, you can imagine the stories occurred in your own city and marvel at what happens just around the corner from where you live or work! It will also make you wonder about that strange neighbour. I focussed upon the funny and strange events that happened to me and to my cohorts. If even one of these tales makes you laugh or reflect upon your own life in a positive way, then it was well worth the effort!
Warning: Life is not always pretty. These tales contain mature themes, coarse language, violence, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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Untertitel: True Tales from the Big City. Sprache: Englisch.
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