Saving Sonya (Elf Girl, #1)

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Oktober 2014



On a hot August day Ben Jackson sitting on the front porch of the Red Parrot waiting for his lunch sees the girl of his dreams stroll by only she's an elf. Enchanted Ben leaves his lunch and gives chase hoping to speak with her. His plans are interrupted by the sudden appearance of a troll between them. Desperate Ben grabs a walking stick and intercepts the beast. What happens next is a trip to another time and place.


As an author I the stories I write are ones I want to read. Having grown up in the Black and White movie days I saw every black and white Horror film, Detective Story and war movie I could. The Thin Man, Kansas City Connection, Maltese Falcon, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Original Thing, the Day the Earth Stood Still, D-Day, Iwo Jima, Rhodan, Godzilla, just to name a few. I devoured books about American history.
My first published story in 1968, "Temple in the Swamp", a H. P. Lovecraft like tale, which might have been the start of my zombie phase. I enjoy writing stories that I would like to read. Currently I have published three novels: "Alien Madness" a science fiction tale, "Unholy War: the Brandenburgers-Russia 41" an alternative history-fantasy, and "Beyond the Wall" a historical adventure set in 168 AD in Scotland. I currently have a series of stories about Shane Eiland, Elf Detective called "Sum Yung Gye" and "The Case of the Missing Husband". These are Noir style mysteries with a super hero flavor are my favorites and I hope the reader will enjoy them to.

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