Cloud Connectivity and Embedded Sensory Systems

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November 2010



Sensor networks are meant to create awareness in space and time. They may be
measuring the presence of an object or a condition, characterizing an object stream or a
situational pattern, or even detect abnormalities that are to occur.

This book provides new theory on the design of wireless sensor networks, based on concepts developed for large-scale, distributed computing environments known as "cloud computing." It provides a single-source entry into the world of intelligent sensory networks, with a step-by-step discussion of building case studies that capture the requirements, taking into account practical limitations of creating ambient intelligence. The reader will not only achieve a better understanding of sensory clouds, swarms and
flocks but is also guided by examples of how to design such networks taking the typical
characteristics of diverse application areas into account.


Ambient Intelligence Limitations.
Topological Considerations.
Software Infrastructure.
Network Safety and Security.
System Development.
Applications: Android-in-the-Cloud.
Wear-Free Transmission.
Body-Area Networks.
Patient Monitoring.
Environmental Monitoring.


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