Maxwell Demon (The Blasphemer Series, #1)

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August 2015



Fallen Angel Maxwell, fell from Heaven for his part in the corruption of Mankind, but not accepting damnation he set out on a mission to save the very soul of the woman he fell in love with, Lilith. Now, this is his last chance to save her and prove that no one soul is beyond redemption. From Heaven to Hell he's traveled to save her, he's bound to do it again after she is captured by the demonic forces against him and his mission. 

Dotting along the way are classic Biblical figures and some lesser known beings, who's going to help him? Even he doesn't know at this point, but what he does find out will be a surprise as he rediscovers why he fell in love with Lilith, now known as Adele, reunites with descendants he didn't know, and wars against great demons all for the soul of one woman, the love of his life. 

Love, hate, bitterness, and sadness only stir a whirlwind of emotions for the characters within. Who will die? Who will live? Who is the enemy?


L. Bachman is a Texas native, currently living in North Alabama with her family. Writing since she was young, L. Bachman has not only written stories, but created digital art blends. Her love of creating has led to working with some of the best writers in the independent and self-publishing world. She's served as mentor for the young and old in the writing field, helping others hone their craft and make it through writer's block, but is ever the student herself. Bachman enjoys researching and furthering her own knowledge and book collection. Whether it's a topic in religion or the paranormal, her knowledge is easily noticed in her tales and in information to others interested in learning.

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Verlag: L. Bachman
Erscheinungsdatum: August 2015
Format: epub eBook
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