The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Through the Knothole

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März 2013



Kay McCabe is about to lose her house-the safe, cozy home it's taken years for the single mom to create. But when two old Lutheran women need a place to stay, she's pretty sure she's about to lose even more. First to go is her job. Her knee-jerk solutions, renting rooms to the Lutherans and working in a bar, plug up life even more. Now she's stuck in a new job she hates. Exhausted, she comes home to a couple of comical old church women, who can barely restrain their opinions, especially about her new romance. It's like living with her mother again-actually, two mothers. She's lost her privacy. Lost her humor. Lost her faith in others. And God isn't answering His email. Now Kay must decide, in a world that's constantly changing, if it's easier to hang onto life the way was or to squeeze through a knothole toward the new and unknown


I believe in stories with a bit of humor, a bit of heartache, and characters who resonate in your mind long after the book is closed. I wanted to create a series with events that make you nod with an I've-done-that grin and characters you'd like to sit with on the porch swing and pass a few lemonade-laced hours.
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