The Agency

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Juli 2014



Competition: It makes life interesting. It forces one to go the extra mile to come out on top. Jordan Young makes a lifestyle of competition, consistently staying at the top of pack at Dimensions ENT, in the rapid fire world of commercial advertising. Jordan is also a player's player when it comes to the women on the revolving door of his love life. That is, until he has a chance encounter with Chelsea. But Jordan has made enemies. Wyatt Thompson, CEO, WyKnot Incorporated, has a vendetta with Jordan's name on it. He's just been handed the smoking gun, his finger on trigger, and aim firmly on taking his arch nemesis down in a whirlwind of shame, disgrace, and dismissal.


KR Bankston is originally from Tallahassee, FL and has been writing for before finally venturing into a full-length novel and the commercial publishing realm at the urging of her husband. KR currently has 22 books in publication, with more soon to come. KR is the Owner/CEO of Kirabaco Publishing. When not writing, KR Bankston is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, basketball fan. KR is currently in the process of writing a new novel and introducing another new series.

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