Force Entry 3: Tooth for a Tooth (Forced Entry, #3)

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Juli 2015



Sometimes when you try to run as far away as you can, you come full circle and must face up to where you come from and who you are."Nothing in the whole wide world binds people together like murder."
The latest episode looks deeper into the life of the grower, bringing the traditional family values of meanness, hatred and racism into focus.
Bill has been a southern 'fixer' for decades. Old ways and old methods are his specialty. Most people fear him; smart ones avoid him.
The narrator hates his uncle. Bill has a dream, a dark and evil project that drives him. The old man sees an opportunity to advance the schedule and welcomes his nephew back into the family, a group he left decades ago.
Some men don't die soon enough.
komura 420 is working to become one of the best crime thriller authors pounding away at a computer keyboard these days. The FORCED ENTRY series is his first big step on that path. It's one of the new breed of good crime dramas from beyond the badge.

The top crime fiction books in his own reading collection are always those stories where the hero is not normal. In his best thrillers to read list the heroes are the sociopath, the criminal, the outcast, the rebel, and the vigilante.

The FORCED ENTRY series may be the best crime thriller series you read all year.

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