Lost The Plot

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August 2014



A satirical piece about the process and rules of creative writing in today's climate. It not only breaks the rules on novel-writing but breaks the rules of the benefits system as was, as well as the taboo of ergophobia and agoraphobia - fear of the market place.
The narrative sets out to examine some of those rules in relation to novels eg plot, length, characters, tense, climax, endings etc in an off-the-wall way. It unashamedly loses the plot and doesn't stick to the knitting pattern but deliberately exposes the seams it's tacked together. You as reader are invited to collude with this approach to see whether, and for how long, it can be sustained. This is one of the central challenges for this anti-novel.

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Verlag: Draft2Digital
Erscheinungsdatum: August 2014
Format: epub eBook
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