Trading Places (The Reeves Sisters Series, #1)

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Juli 2013



When Charlene, a housewife with a dull desk job who was abandoned by her husband to raise their two children alone, is offered the opportunity to spend the New Years holiday with her twin sister in The Big Apple, she jumps on it. They celebrate the New Year and reconnect, but Charlene isn't ready for the reprieve from her life to end so she convinces her sister, Nicole, to trade lives for a few weeks. Nicole is a night club promoter who lives a life filled with glitz and glamor. Will Nicole be willing to trade in the nice condo, celebrity parties, and Fifth Avenue shopping for the suburban life with two pre-teens? What will Charlene discover about her sister's life that could change everything?


This book is a novella of about 20,000 words. 


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Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2013
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