The Training Of Fallen Angels

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Februar 2012



Lisa and Janet are two beautiful teenagers who are driven by their insatiable libidos to discover new and more exciting ways to satisfy their depraved desires. They become servants of the enigmatic Mr Gee, who lures them to his manor deep in the heart of rural England. There they are introduced to Madam Stone, who is to be their instructress in the arts of sexual gratification: once fully tutored, they can pass on their new-found knowledge to their willing pupils.

But there is something else happening within the opulence of the old manor - something sinister. Lisa and Janet are blind to the danger they are in, intent as they are on exploring new realms of debauchery. Will they realise the risk before it's too late?



    Kendal Grahame
    EAN: 9781448131228
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    Verlag: Ebury Publishing
    Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2012
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