Mind Mapping Secrets for Business Success (Strategies For Success - Mind Mapping, #3)

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Februar 2014



Get Control of Your Business

Every business person wants to do more in less time, use resources fully, and stay on top of their game. But some are able to work smarter than others.

Well now you can, too.

This Book Will Show You How

Make mind maps your secret tool for increasing productivity and enhancing creativity.

You'll find yourself saving hours of time once you learn how to create mind maps for all the different areas of your business and your life. Rather than getting lost in a sea of information, you'll be able to grasp complex ideas and mountains of information at a glance.

In this book you'll learn how to:

    - Apply the benefits of using mind maps – and understand why this tool is so essential for your business and your life
    - Use different mind mapping methods and gather the tools you'll need to start mapping.
   -  Manage and organize information.
    - Plan a project using a mind map.
    - Use mind maps for more effective brainstorming.
    - Solve problems using mind maps.
    - Outline and design a website using a mind map.
    - Avoid the most common mistakes people make when they start out.
    - Plan your the next steps for using this tool.

"Real World" Applications

Filled with real world applications and examples, you'll have lots of resources to pull from for your own maps. Each section includes activities to help you become a master at creating mind maps to organize, plan, solve, design, and be more efficient and effective in general.

You'll create mind maps that you can use TODAY to solve problems and organize your business.

Don't waste another minute with outlines, documents and spreadsheets.

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