Heart of Zion Series

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Februar 2015



This set includes all three books of the Heart of Zion Series: The Heart of a Stranger, The Desires of the Heart, and The Heart of a Lion. Kathy Hawkins' trilogy takes you on a journey through the lives of fictional characters against the backdrop of the biblical accounts of David and Solomon.The Heart of a Stranger is the story of Ailea, a beautiful daughter of an Aramean general who is captured by David's army. Taken back to Jerusalem by Jonathan, one of David's "mighty men", Ailea is tutored in the ways of the God of Israel by Shageh, a wise elder. Soon both Ailea and Jonathan are caught up in a game of cross and double cross that could cost both of them their lives.In The Desires of the Heart, can Keziah recognize the workings of Adonai, who was the God of Israel, and experience the healing touch of love? Set against the backdrop of David and Bathsheba's story, Keziah and Isaac learn that trusting God-and each other-will give them the life they desire.In The Heart of a Lion, Shoshanna, granddaughter of Ahithophel, David's trusted counselor, becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that is bigger than she can handle. Will her involvement of a political conspiracy bring the love she desires to a violent end before it has a chance to begin?  

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Untertitel: Heart of Zion Series, Books 1-3. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Moody Publishers
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2015
Format: epub eBook
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