Obsession (Tempest Beach Series, #2)

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Mai 2014



The Tempest Beach Romantic Suspense Series continues...
When Detective Russell 'Mac' MacCall's ex-girlfriend arrives back in Tempest Beach, distraught and literally flinging herself into his arms, he fears his fledgling relationship with Ros James may be over before it's begun.
Super model Kimberley Davenport is used to getting what she wants. And what she wants is to get back together with her ex; to take up where they left off before she ran away with his best friend. A psycho maniac is stalking her and killing look-a-like women as some sort of homage to her and she finds it the perfect excuse to return home to Tempest Beach, to fall straight into the protective arms of Mac. And when the psycho stalker follows her to Tempest Beach and starts killing women there, putting them all in danger, she needs Mac's protection even more.
Kimberley's arrival could not have come at a worse time. Just when Ros and Mac were getting to know each other better she waltzes in and takes over. Ros is not happy with the way Kimberley takes every chance she gets to latch onto Mac and not let go. And to make matters worse Ros doesn't know how Mac feels about it all. Maybe he likes having Kimberley back.
What does it mean for their new romance? Will they all survive the murdering stalker?

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