Lloyd Sisters Trilogy - Dera (Celtic Fae Legend, #1)

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November 2012



"Dera looked back at him deliberately before she turned her back on him to rescue the nearly boiling milk, thinking hard. She wanted him and she wanted him badly. She felt him move closer behind her and kiss her neck, feeling a rush of anticipation she turned back to him and smiled as she took his hand in hers to lead him up the stairs."
Dera Lloyd is half fairy, half human. She is gentle and calm often the voice of wisdom until she meets Hawk.
Hawk Goodfellow is a full blooded fairy and the most trusted advisor to King Geraint of Aberlone. Due to a misunderstanding he has been banished to the human realm unable to access the fairy world. The Queen of the fairies has placed a curse on Hawk, stripping him of his powers. In order to lift the curse and get back his powers, he needs a fairy that is as powerful as the Queen Fairy to break the spell. His search leads him to Dera Lloyd.
Dera is not one to let her emotions rule her so when she meets Hawk she doesn't know what overtakes her. He stirs her senses in a way no one ever has and makes her feel things she's sworn never to feel. She makes up her mind to avoid him at all cost. But Hawk has his attention pinned on her and until he gets what he wants, he is not letting her out of his sight.

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Erscheinungsdatum: November 2012
Format: epub eBook
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