Blazing Fire Trilogy - Journey (Celtic Fae Legend, #5)

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Juli 2013



"She wrapped the fluffy red towel around her and stepped out into the hallway. And almost into Kailen's arms. She was sure she yelped. He was naked from the waist up. Her eyes got stuck on his muscular abs and chest and oh my dear God he was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen..."
Our families shape us as we are growing up. What if you found out that your family wasn't who you thought they were and your life was a lie?
Finding a surprise visitor waiting in her house for her one afternoon Blaise Morrison's world is shattered when she finds out that the woman that raised her isn't really her grandmother. To make matters worse she also finds out that she grew up believing herself to be one thing when in fact she is something else altogether.
Kailen Drake has been commanded by Geraint, King of the Fae, to travel to Indigovale to persuade Blaise Morrison, the last living Fire Faery, to return to Aberlone with him. She is the only one that can save the Kingdom from the clutches of a dark shadow that wishes to be the ultimate ruler of the realm.
Blaise has always believed that her father abandoned her without a backward glance but now she finds that this may not be completely accurate. Everything she has believed about her life is now being turned on its head.
Fighting an instant attraction to the lovely redheaded beauty will Kailen be able to make her believe that the story he tells her is the truth and then convince her to come with him? The fate of the Kingdom hangs on her answer...

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