The Mausoleum Murder (Seven Fabulous Wonders, #4)

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April 2013



Alexis' father has disappeared. His stepmother thinks he can change things to gold, his best friend is a statue, and Alexander the Great has just laid siege to his home. As if this isn't bad enough, a security check finds his father's body in the Mausoleum drains covered in strange black crystal. Alexis suspects his stepmother killed him. But who will believe a common sculptor's son?
With the authorities reluctant to call a murder trial while their city is under attack, Alexis's only hope of justice lies with the Princess Phoebe, whose gruesome collection of monsters includes a statue of the legendary fire-breathing Chimaera. In return for her help to find his father's murderer, the princess wants Alexis to help her father defend the throne from the enemy camped outside the gates of Halicarnassus. Dare he admit to his magical gift (inherited in reverse from his ancestor King Midas), which enables him to bring statues to life?
"The Mausoleum Murder" is one of the Seven Fabulous Wonders series, originally published by HarperCollins and translated into 11 languages worldwide. A mixture of magic, mystery and adventure, these books can be enjoyed in any order by confident teen readers as well as adults looking for historical fantasy adventure.
The complete collection of seven books is also available as the Seven Fabulous Wonders Omnibus.
Katherine Roberts won the Branford Boase Award for her debut novel "Song Quest". Find out more at

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Erscheinungsdatum: April 2013
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