The Colossus Crisis (Seven Fabulous Wonders, #6)

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April 2013



It's not easy being a half-blood.
The daughter of a water-breathing telchine mother and a human father, Aura divides her time between the magical depths of the sea and the island of Alimia she calls home. But when an earthquake frees a strange sponge-like creature from the seabed and topples the sun god's colossal statue on nearby Rhodes, ancient tensions between the sea dwelling telchines and land dwelling humans are re-awoken.
With the sun god Helios matched against the sea god Poseidon, only Aura can stop a war.
"The Colossus Crisis" is one of the Seven Fabulous Wonders series, originally published by HarperCollins and translated into 11 languages worldwide. A mixture of magic, mystery and adventure set against carefully researched historical backgrounds, these books can be enjoyed in any order by confident teen readers and adults looking for historical fantasy adventure.
The complete collection of seven books is also available as the Seven Fabulous Wonders Omnibus.
Katherine Roberts won the Branford Boase Award for her first novel "Song Quest". Find out more at

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Erscheinungsdatum: April 2013
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