Organizational Epistemology

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Februar 2013



This book presents an in-depth perspective of knowledge as a fundamental process of any organization rather than just another resource to be managed. The author presents a process-oriented theory of creating and applying knowledge directed towards both researchers and practitioners. In this book the author develops normative knowledge management guidelines which draw from a unique view on knowledge, discussed in the field of philosophy since Plato but neglected by most knowledge management authors - by applying a philosophically grounded 'social epistemology' to organizations. The guidelines in this book call for an open and reflective space of knowledge creation, aligned with goals and structures of the organization. Numerous examples, field studies, and an application to the main case study on Seven-Eleven Japan complement both the descriptive view on knowledge as well as the normative guidelines presented in this book.¿


Part I Organizational Knowledge.-
Part II Epistemology.-
Part III Organizational Epistemology.



Dr. Kasra Seirafi has been working on the topics of organizational knowledge, knowledge management (systems), and their theoretical foundations both as researcher and practitioner. He received his PhD from the University of Vienna (with a research visit at Stanford University, USA) as well as additional certifications from University of Derby (UK) and University of Vienna (Austria). At the moment he works as researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. As a practitioner he works as co-founder of a startup in the technology business, as well as a senior consultant for knowledge management issues & human resources.
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