Essay on a New Theory of the Human Capacity for Representation

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Mai 2011



In his own day, Karl Leonhard Reinhold was considered one of the major figures in philosophical thought of the late 18th and early 19th century. He was an important expositor of Kant's thought. He is also considered by many to have been the bridge between Kant and the later German idealists. In the English-speaking world only few translations of his work have been attempted. This imbalance is corrected in the present work - the first translation into English of Reinhold's major work from1789. The translators provide an overview of the main currents of thought which informed Reinhold's philosophical project, as well as notes on his reading of Kant and other important thinkers of Reinhold's day. A glossary of key terms, a bibliography of scholarly work on Reinhold and suggestions for further reading are also included.


1;Acknowledgments;6 2;Contents;8 3;Introduction;10 4;Essay on a New Theory of the Human Capacity for Representation;28 5;On What has been Happening with the Kantian Philosophy (1789);30 6;Book One: Treatise on The Need for a New Investigation of The Human Capacity for Representation;56 7;Book Two: Theory of the Capacity for Representation in General;116 8;Book Three: General Theory of Cognition;178 9;Theory of Sensibility;194 10;Theory of the Understanding;230 11;Theory of Reason;270 12;Basis of the Theory of the Capacity for Desire;302 13;Glossary;316 14;German Thinkers Mentioned by Reinhold;320 15;References;326 16;Name Index;332 17;Subject Index;334


Tim Mehigan and Barry Empson, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
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